When you stay at Kiki Witz you can enjoy a variety of on-site nature-based activities and amenities on our 13.5 acre property including:

  • Birdwatching
  • Horseback riding
  • Nature walks & hiking
  • Kiki Witz Self-guided farm tour
  • Canoeing
  • River beach access
  • Pool access

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Staying with us and want to make some great memories and take spectacular pictures that will last a lifetime? We can help you make your trip truly memorable by helping you to plan tours and day trips. We can even help plan out your full itinerary for your trip to Belize, to help you truly relax and enjoy all Belize and Kiki Witz have to offer when you arrive! 

Our Guests' Top 5 Tours and Day Trips: 

  • Enter the Ancient Mayan Underworld with a Spelunking at the Actun Tunich Muknal (ATM) Cave,
  • Go Birdwatching and Swimming at the Guanacaste National Park,
  • Get an adrenaline rush with Zip Lining & Cave Tubing at the Jaguar Paw Reserve,
  • Step back in time by visiting St. Herman's Blue Hole and Caves,
  • Get a taste of the burgeoning Capital City of Belmopan while enjoying the local Market Day. 

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        Experience some of Belize's favorite inland destinations and make great memories with friends and family while you stay with us. Here are our guest-favorite activities, tours and day trips that we can help plan out for you: 

        • Step back in time with a visit to the ancient Mayan Temple of Xunantunich
        • Get your Adrenaline rush going with Zip Lining & Cave Tubing at the Jaguar Paw Reserve
        • Bathe in the rejuvenating and pristine waters of the St. Herman's Blue Hole & Cave
        • Get to know Belize's natural flora & fauna at the Belize Zoo 
        • Make your own chocolate from scratch at the Lamanai Chocolate Factory
        • Tour the Capital City of Belmopan & stop in to the local Market Day for a truly live-like-a-local experience,  
        • Visit the Guanacaste National Park for beautiful riverscapes and meditation,
        • Shop artisanal crafts at the Art Box Arts & Crafts Center

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